Dear Emily I would like to thank you for seeing my Mom today. She came from a session with you again highly motivated, proud of herself and in full praise of your gentle, understanding and caring spirit. There are few people that I would gladly send my mom or family to without being there myself… Read more

‘Being back at gym is wonderful. You are such an inspiring person and I thank you for that.’ – Veruschka

Dear Emily Thank You once again, for helping me with my family. Already Mom is a big fan of yours, and now Lee-Ann too. Lee-Ann felt that beyond being one of the Sweetest people she has ever met, you are even more knowledgeable than most GP’s . She was beyond impressed with your knowledge and… Read more

Good day Emily I would like to thank you for my diet plan and your advice .I am experiencing a big change: no more heart burn, no gastric discomfort, no pain at all. I can’t remember when I last took a Panado .I also notice some of my skirts are now rolling on my waist. … Read more

Dear Emily In the 2 weeks since I last saw you I have started with the weaning of the cortisone, the walking and trying to have 2 healthy snacks every day.  I am happy to report that I have lost 2kg in the 2 weeks since we met and am very pleased. – Kim

Hi Emily Just to let you know that JJ has now lost a total of 24kg and his latest Insulin Blood results have come back perfectly normal. 4 more kg’s to goal weight !! I am soooooo proud of him for sticking it out and being committed to everything. He is feeling sooo good about… Read more

Odette’s story – Managing a healthy lifestyle and a demanding corporate job

Over the years since I started working and life became more and more busy as my career progressed, I fell out of good eating habits and out of touch with what I was actually putting into my body – as a result, the weight crept on, slowly but surely. When I got back from a… Read more

Vanessa’s story – Managing Gestational Diabetes

I was at my wits end. I knew I had to do something and do something soon otherwise I would be giving birth to a giant baby!  Not to mention the possible health risks I was posing to my unborn foetus during childbirth and beyond.  After a routine scan for my first child, the doctor… Read more

Leigh’s story – Healthy eating as a teenager

My journey started when I met Emily for the first time to develop healthy eating patterns. I have struggled to lose weight for many years now and before I went to see Emily I was determined to have a positive outlook on these healthy lifestyle changes that would take place. Once seeing Emily she set… Read more

Kim’s story – Weight loss without fat diets

The reason I visited Emily is because I am overweight and have tried various fad diets that did not work at all. I was concerned with my general wellbeing and thought about preventing disease in the long run. Emily designed a personalised eating plan and helped me establish realistic goals. She also taught me techniques… Read more

Rentia’s story – Managing healthy eating while travelling for work and re-locating

During October 2010 I relocated to the beautiful city of Cape Town. Never having lived by myself, I had no real idea of how to prepare a healthy, balanced meal. It wasn’t long before I started packing on the kilo’s and felt how my energy levels were taking a dive. I carried on like this… Read more

Cath’s story – Learning to make healthy eating a lifestyle, and healthy eating during pregnancy

You know when you make a decision in your life and you know it was the right choice? That’s how I felt after my very first interaction with Emily. I started seeing Emily in October 2011 and it was one of the most important decisions of my life. I have never really had a real… Read more

Mark’s story – Managing high blood pressure and wanting to prevent further chronic diseases

About two years ago I had to go for an eye operation. On the day of the operation I arrived at the hospital and as the nurse was preparing me for the op she took my blood pressure. There was silence and then she said, “Oh Oh”. I said, “What?” She said that my blood… Read more

Hilda’s story – Managing healthy eating as a new mom

As a new mom I found myself fighting a losing battle with loosing those extra few kilos that I just wasn’t able to shake. Because I was breastfeeding I managed to lose my pregnancy weight quickly but just couldn’t lose the excess weight that I had put on before having my son.  Having a new baby… Read more