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Rentia’s story – Managing healthy eating while travelling for work and re-locating

Posted by Emily on 24th November 2014 at 09:18pm
During October 2010 I relocated to the beautiful city of Cape Town. Never having lived by myself, I had no real idea of how to prepare a healthy, balanced meal. It wasn't long before I started packing on the kilo's and felt how my energy levels were taking a dive. I carried on like this for nearly 6 months, and I was 4kilos heavier, before I made the best decision in a long time... I decided to go and see Emily! The entire experience of going to see Emily was very uplifting and positive. We sat down and I explained to her what a normal day in my life was like, from my eating habits to my activity levels. Emily suggested small changes to my food choices and portion sizes. Small easy changes such as choosing Provita instead of Salticrax, low GI bread instead of normal white, eating wholewheat pasta instead of white pasta etc. Apart from the changes I made to my eating habits and portion sizes, I also started becoming more active. I added at least 3 days of moderate exercise to my routine. A very important thing to remember that Emily made me aware of is that if I eat something unhealthy occasionally then it's not the end of the world! Just enjoy the treat and then carry on with your healthy eating. I have managed to lose roughly 8kgs (and keep it off).  I am now consciously choosing the healthier options when it comes to food choices.  I am also absolutely addicted to any form of exercise at least 3 times a week. I have since relocated to JHB again and am travelling 80 % of the time which makes it a bit more difficult to choose the healthier options all the time. But, Emily helped me once again with tips and advice to help me manage this change relatively easy. Thank you Emily, for helping me live a healthier lifestyle and for supporting me 100 % of the way!