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Leigh’s story – Healthy eating as a teenager

Posted by Emily on 24th November 2014 at 09:19pm
My journey started when I met Emily for the first time to develop healthy eating patterns. I have struggled to lose weight for many years now and before I went to see Emily I was determined to have a positive outlook on these healthy lifestyle changes that would take place. Once seeing Emily she set up a healthy eating plan where I have a variety of options to choose from. I also had a list of goals and how I should treat my body. Emily is patient and has your best interests at heart. She made me feel comfortable on my first visit and she didn’t put me on a scale immediately. Which shows the focus is not on the weight loss, but on healthy eating patterns.  When people hear the word “diet” they think of cutting out certain types of foods completely, but it’s all about eating in moderation. Going to see Emily has really changed my life drastically. I no longer need to be forced to do exercise, I enjoy doing it. I have learnt a lot about food after seeing Emily. Eating healthy food has increased my energy and made me appreciate a treat for myself once in a while.  I am glad that I went to see Emily and these eating patterns will remain with me throughout my life.