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Hilda’s story – Managing healthy eating as a new mom

Posted by Emily on 24th November 2014 at 09:13pm
As a new mom I found myself fighting a losing battle with loosing those extra few kilos that I just wasn't able to shake. Because I was breastfeeding I managed to lose my pregnancy weight quickly but just couldn't lose the excess weight that I had put on before having my son.  Having a new baby was an adjustment on so many levels and I was lucky if I managed to get into the shower let alone plan meals or eat properly.  I felt like I'd tried everything but knew that I had formed some really bad habits and was in a vicious cycle of trying to eat well (or not at all) and by the time the afternoon came I was ravenous as a result of the breast feeding.   Seeing Emily was such a relief!  She was so kind and professional and helped me realise what adjustments I needed to make.  She explained principles that I thought that I'd understood but clearly had not and gave me a meal plan that took in to consideration everything that I had told her.  She really made me feel heard and I felt like I was in such safe hands!  Her whole process is so scientific and she is such a precise and thoughtful healthcare professional.  Some of the changes that I made were so simple and it meant that I didn't get ravenous in the afternoon and my blood sugar levels stayed level.  It also meant that I had more energy to love and cuddle my baby.  I was so surprised at how quickly and consistently the weight came off without me really having to make drastic changes or having to deprive myself of anything.  She guides you through cravings and also helps you to really think about what you are eating.   I definitely have a lot of work to still do and I re-visit the information she gave me all the time.  I recommend Emily to everyone!  I think she's incredible and really great at putting together a tailor made plan that will work for your lifestyle.  I am really so grateful that I went for a consultation and that it was so do-able.