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Cath’s story – Learning to make healthy eating a lifestyle, and healthy eating during pregnancy

Posted by Emily on 24th November 2014 at 09:18pm
You know when you make a decision in your life and you know it was the right choice? That’s how I felt after my very first interaction with Emily. I started seeing Emily in October 2011 and it was one of the most important decisions of my life. I have never really had a real “weight issue,” per se, just a few kilos overweight, on-and –off, up-and-down, and decided to see Emily as I was feeling uncomfortable in my clothes again, and wanted to drop a few kilograms using a healthy method. I have tried other forms of weight loss previously, but invariably gained back whatever I had lost as the methods I was using were simply not sustainable. Within 5 months of seeing Emily I had lost 10% of my body weight, and not once did I feel deprived. Instead I felt invigorated, healthy and “in charge”. My energy levels had soared, and any previous cravings I had, had disappeared. I was able to exercise efficiently and effectively again, and felt wonderful. Emily provided me with the coping strategies that helped me understand the critical difference between a “diet for weight loss” and a “sustainable healthy diet.” Her philosophy is one that has become part of my daily routine without me having to think about it or put any extra effort into it. I don’t spend hours measuring or weighing quantities of food. I have learned the principles of healthy eating which I am easily able to apply in all situations. I am an all or nothing person and whenever I tried “weight loss diets” in the past, they inevitably failed because the slightest little cheat would completely derail me. Emily’s advice on a healthy eating lifestyle has allowed me to see things with a new perspective. I have been equipped with the skills which have allowed me to make a conscious decision to choose a certain food, whether it be “good” or “bad” and accept the consequences that come with that choice. I no longer feel deprived, and am 100% in control of my own situation. And the best thing is that I found that I don’t even want the “bad” food anymore. Emily managed to help me make a “switch” that no other person has been able to do. I am no longer focused on the “number” on the scale, but rather on the bigger picture. How does this way of life make me feel? After 5 months with Emily, in February 2012, to our delight, my husband and I found out that I was expecting our first child. I had not reached my goal weight yet by this time (4kgs away), but Emily helped me to draw up a healthy plan for pregnancy and split into the nutritional requirements for the various trimesters, based on my BMI at the time of falling pregnant. Now at 9 months gestation I have managed to keep my weight gain within the recommended range and am 100% on track. And the best thing is that it was not hard at all; and my baby received only the best nutrition during the past 9 months! Emily also has great insights into the nutritional requirements during breastfeeding, and I look forward to starting this chapter of the journey with her in a few weeks time. I wish everyone had the opportunity to go and see Emily. If she has only a quarter of the impact on your life that she has had on mine, it will be well worth it. You owe this to yourself.