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Ignore the lie of magazine models, and learn to love and respect your body!

Posted by Emily on 8th October 2014 at 07:54am

So many women feel pressure from society to have the perfect figure and be very skinny. A lot of this pressure comes from the media. We are constantly bombarded with images in magazines and on tv, of stick-thin models. Eating disorders are on the increase, with young teenage girls being particularly at risk. Many girls develop a poor body image because they are continually comparing themselves to the totally unrealistic (and unreal, as you will see in the you tube clip!) images portrayed to them by the media. They feel that they never match up. Check out this you tube clip to shed some light on the matter!

And, remember, the most attractive thing in a person is someone who is confident and cares from themselves well. This does not mean perfection and a stick thin body. Beauty is so much deeper than that. Learn to love yourself and treat your body with respect.