Get healthy and feel great! Let this Cape Town dietitian show you how

Change your diet, change your life.

You are what you eat.  This age old saying is true and relevant to each one of us. The food that you put into your mouth every day has a huge impact on the health of your body; your energy levels; the quality of your sleep; how you look; how you age; your mental clarity; and how well you perform at school, university or work.

With today’s fast paced lifestyle, it’s easy to forget the basics in life, like good nutrition, staying active, and living a balanced lifestyle.

A healthy diet is the foundation of good health and wellness. A healthy and varied diet helps to control body weight, and keeps you looking and feeling your best. It also reduces the risk of diseases such as diabetes, osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, and certain cancers.

Making some simple changes to your diet and lifestyle can have a profound effect on your health and how you function, feel and look.

Emily is also a registered Discovery Vitality Wellness Partner. This means that you can earn Vitality points by having a Vitality Nutrition Consultation with her.

For those who choose to live a full, vibrant life, let Emily partner with you to inspire and equip you with what you need to kick start a healthy lifestyle.                                                                       

                              This may just be the start to a new, healthier you…

Emily Innes – Registered Dietitian Cape Town

Emily Innes, a registered dietitian from Cape Town

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