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7 fun and tasty ways to enjoy avocado

Posted by Emily on 29th May 2015 at 04:50pm

I recently wrote a blog post about ‘Healthy things I’m looking forward to this winter.’ One of those things I mentioned was avocados.  I absolutely love avo, so I get very excited when they are in season.

Here are some fun and tasty ways that you can enjoy avocado this winter...


1. On toast

Nothing beats a ripe avo smashed onto some rye toast or seed bread.  Add a little salt and pepper, and there you have it...a delicious, quick and satisfying winter lunch.


2. As a veggie dip

If you have guests coming around and you want to do a healthy variation on the usual ‘chip and dip’ theme, then this is a great option.  Mash avo, add some salt and put it in a bowl in the middle of a platter.  On the patter, have chopped up veggies such as baby carrots, sugar snap peas, baby corn spears, celery sticks, or green beans.  You can also add some plain yogurt/ smooth cottage cheese to the avo for some variation.


3. With a Mexican meal as guacamole

I love making home-made healthy Mexican meals in winter when avos are in season.  Cook up some lean mince with onion, red kidney beans and Mexican tomato mix.  Serve the mince with brown rice and salad, and put a good dollop of guacamole onto each person’s plate.  Make some guacamole to serve with the ‘chilli con carne’ meal.  To make the guacamole, you can keep it as simple as mashing avos and adding some salt.  Or, you can get creative and add chill flakes/ crushed carlic/ fresh coriander finely chopped/ lemon juice, or a combination of these ingredients to the mashed avo.  I lived in Mexico for 2 months, and I watched a local Mexican lady making guacamole.  She added chopped up coriander to the mashed avos, and it really is delicious done like that...the traditional Mexican way.


4. In a dessert

I bet you are surprised to see this one! Most of us are used to eating avo with savoury foods.  But, it can be used to add a lovely creamy texture to healthy desserts.  I wrote a blog post called ‘Healthy Easter chocolate mousse recipe'...the recipe uses avo to make a healthy chocolate mousse that tastes better than the real thing!


5. As an avo- bowl

Chop an avo in half, take the pip out, and fill the inside with tuna mayo and chopped up peppers, or your choice of filling.  This is nice to have for lunch or light supper.


6. Avo with eggs

I like to get some healthy fats in at breakfast time, to help to keep me full.  If I make scrambled eggs, I often slice up some avo and have that on the side, or on top of my scrambled eggs.  Its delicious, and adds a nice fresh colour to my breakfast plate too.


7. Avo in salad

Of course, a salad really is made when there is chopped avo in it.  Remember don’t add the avo to the salad if you are going to leave the salad to stand before serving it, as it will turn brown.  Rather chop the avo into the salad directly before serving it so that it keeps its lovely fresh, bright green colour.


Happy avo eating!